Eclipse 21.
Collection Nine.

Seasonless Collection One.

A new outlook.

Liana Dress.

Eclipse 21 Hero Design.

Seasonless collections.

Nicole Top.

No more dictated and planned obsolescence | Year on year forever designs.

Penelope & Florence Set.

Joslin has said goodbye to the traditional Fashion Calendar.

The Liana Dress.

Enduring and timeless designs.

Maxine Dress.

Natural, conscious and considered.

Oaklynn & Florence Set.

Traceable and transparent.

Maxine Playsuit.

Responsibly sourced.

Tamara Dress.

Linen, Ramie, Organic Cotton, Silk, Merino Wool, Cashmere and Recycled Synthetics.


Partnered with i=Change.

Cora & Elizabeth
Knit Set.

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Elle & Gracie Set.

Oaklynn & Florence Set.

The Alice Dress.

The Peta & Sophia Set.

The Liana & Sara Silk Set.