Eclipse 21.

Collection Nine.

A new outlook.

Lois Dress.

Lois Dress.

We are pushing for change in our industry.

'Sustainability' is not a defined term.

Fashion does not need to consume and harm our planet and our precious eco-systems the way it currently does.

Melissa Dress.

So we are here for change.

We have said goodbye to the traditional Fashion Calendar.

Ellie Dress.

No more dictated and planned obsolescence.

We are designed to wear forever.

Liana Dress.

Liana Dress.

Seasonless collections, enduring and timeless designs.

Maxine Playsuit.

Natural, conscious and considered.

Oaklynn & Florence Set.

Traceable and transparent.





Responsibly sourced.

Tamara Dress.

We aren't perfect, but we are here for a better future.

A better future for our industry and our forever planet.

Reflect on everything you own and consume.

The biggest change you can make for our unsustainable industry is to buy something you will love and wear forever.